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We weave the thread between suppliers, sewists and communities by sourcing ethical, sustainable fabrics that benefit everyone.

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Wisdom and Tips from Closet Core Patterns

Introducing Chez Moi

Closet Core's "Chez Moi" is a collection of four patterns destined to help you create the lounge-erie of your dreams!

Understanding Ikat Fabric

Our IKat Collection is entirely handmade and hand-loomed by artisan weavers in India, so we'd like to dig into exactly what ikat is, and why we’re so thrilled to be carrying it in our shop.

Understanding Textile Certifications & Terminology When Buying Sustainable Fabric

Organic? Fair trade? Ethically sourced? Our buying power as consumers and our desire to be more ethical in our purchases has shifted the way things are done in almost every industry, from food to hand soap. Whether it’s from a…