Artisanal Eri "Peace" Silk Twill - Blush - Swatch

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We're deeply proud to offer this beautiful, artisanally produced textile. Made from eri silk and spun and loomed by a woman-owned and operated co-op located in India, this gorgeous fabric has a distinct twill weave and comes in a rainbow of soft pastel shades. Unlike traditional silk, eri silk (also known as "peace silk") is harvested _after _the silk worms have woven their cocoon. The moths are not harmed in the process and fly away when their cocoon is complete. As a result, eri fibres aren't a continuous length, which results in a slubby yet soft texture, loaded with character and dimension. Midweight with a soft drape, it's exceptional thermoregulation properties will keep you cool in summer, warm in the winter, and swaddled in this very special silk all year long. We suggest it for button-down shirts, blouses, flowy dresses and loose-fitting trousers. Fully opaque, it does not require a lining.