Handloomed Indigo Dyed Cotton Leaf Print - Indigo + Cream - Swatch

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Natural dyes derived from plants are a much more eco-friendly way to add some colour into your life! One of the most historically common varieties is indigo, made from the flowers of the indigo shrub. This dreamy hand-loomed cotton broadcloth uses traditional indigo and resist dyeing techniques to deliver a symphony of blue shades. Crisp and lightweight, this fabric features a delightfully whimsical leaf print layered with a vertical stitching texture reminiscent of kantha style embroidery.
Produced by a weaver and dyer co-op in India, this is a fabric we're extremely proud to offer! We see it used for semi-structured garments like button-down shirts, sundresses, paper-bag waisted shorts, or lightweight trousers and jackets. Nearly fully opaque, it should not require a lining for most products.
Note: As a result of the indigo dye, you may find this fabric bleeds the first few times you wash it. Be sure to wash with like colours in cold water to minimize dye transfer. You can also add a cup or so of white vinegar to the wash water to further prevent dye bleeding.