Upcycled Lightweight Denim Shirting - Light Blue

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Upcycled Lightweight Denim Shirting - Light Blue - Swatch

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A goes with everything classic chambray shirting made entirely of cotton fibres recovered from garment industry waste? Sign us up! This upcycled fabric has been skillfully rewoven into a classic chambray weave of blue warp and white weft threads with tiny speckles throughout - we love the character and texture of this fabric. At 5 oz, this lightweight cotton shirting has a crisp hand and drape that will soften considerably with washing, and is ideal for tops, shirts, dresses, jumpsuits, and breezy trousers. Opaque, it does not require a lining.

65in / 165 cm
170 gsm / 5 oz/yd²
100% Recycled Cotton
Completely Opaque
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Lightweight Fusible Woven Interfacing - White

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100% Upcycled, Recycled Natural fibres

This third generation, family owned mill is reimagining the way denim is produced, using a circular economy model to maximize a material"s useful life, repurposing it into something new instead of sending it to a landfill. This mill turns post-industrial waste from local garment factories back into fibre, then upcycles the fibre into unique, fully biodegradable denim and twill. The entire process is chemical-free, dye-free, and synthetic fibre-free, while minimizing water and energy consumption. Revolutionary!

Leaf Rating



100% Recycled Cotton


Uses no additional dyes or chemicals, and minimal water and energy


Long lifespan + No microplastics from washing



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Care Instructions


Always pretreat fabric before sewing to remove chemical sizing from the manufacturing process. Pre-washing also gives you a better sense of the true drape and handfeel of a fabric. We recommend washing and drying fabric in the same way you intend to wash your finished garment. Be sure to separate brights and colours, as some dyes and prints may run the first few times you wash them. You can add half a cup to one cup of vinegar to the final rinse cycle to help set the colours and minimize bleeding. It’s important to wash and dry denim to remove any potential shrinkage down the road.

Long-Term Care

Machine wash in warm water and tumble dry on medium. To preserve the intensity of dye and recovery in stretch denim, it’s best to wash your finished jeans in cool water and hang to dry. No need to wash denim after every wear.

Fabric Tips

For most applications, light to midweight denim can be cut on the fold. We recommend cutting heavyweight denims on a single layer. Use a fresh 90/14 needle for light to midweight denim and a 100/16 needle for heavyweight denim.

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