We reap what we sow – So let's sew some good.

Our Sustainability Mission

We bring you exquisite textiles that are kinder to the planet and the people who produce them.

We prioritize sourcing environmentally sustainable and ethically produced textiles and focus on eco-certified, organic, recycled, deadstock, fair trade and artisanal fabrics.

Behind each fabric we carry is a tradition, history and a pair of hands passing their labour and creativity on to you, and it is our privilege to honour their stories and craftsmanship.

Why It Matters

As sewists, we have the power to reduce our dependence on fast fashion. However, in our quest for fabrics to sew with we often lean on an industry that ranks among the biggest polluters on Earth. Let's weave a new story. We are committed to making a positive impact on our planet's future by sourcing fashion fabrics that are ethically produced, use less chemicals and water, and involve less energy-intensive manufacturing processes.

Our Roadmap

Believing in progress not perfection, we acknowledge that growing sustainably is an ongoing goal that we will continually strive towards as humble lifelong learners.

Through intention and conscious action, we are building long term relationships with responsible suppliers who share our values.

We are also working towards eco certifications for our own business as we aim to positively impact our industry while providing inspiring resources to create truly one-of-a-kind garments.


Core Fabrics Sustainability Index

We are committed to transparency in our process to enable you to make informed decisions, so each fabric in our collection is graded using our unique leaf rating system. Our Sustainability Index is based on the various stages of a fabric's life cycle: Resources, Manufacturing, Transportation, Usage, and End of Life. At each stage of its lifecycle, a fabric earns "one leaf" whenever it meets our sustainability standards. Fabrics that meet all stages with the lowest environmental impact are awarded a five-leaf rating. The perfect five-leaf material is difficult to source (we're still looking for a domestically produced linen, for example), but a four-leaf fabric is still pretty awesome (like our organic knits made here in Montreal). Continue reading to learn more about each category in our rating index.


We prioritize responsible sourcing practices, such as organic chemical-free farming, regenerative practices, and using recycled materials to reduce environmental impact.

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We partner with manufacturers and suppliers that are conscious of their social and environmental impact and guarantee a safe and respectful environment for their employees.

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When it comes to our suppliers, we say the closer the better. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we prefer a localized supply chain and prioritize domestic manufacturers whenever possible.

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A fabric that's durable, easy to sew, easy to care for and that doesn't release microplastics when washed means you can feel good wearing your make for a very long time.

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End of Life

We are committed to reducing textile waste and protecting the environment. To achieve this, we focus on using fibres that are biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable.

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Our Dashboard

For us, it doesn't just stop at ranking fabrics. In order to hold ourselves accountable and track our sustainability goals, we're also setting targets internally to increase the number of three, four, and five leaf fabrics in our collection year over year. Here you can see a live snapshot of our entire inventory, along with our upcoming goals for 2024, and longer term goals for 2030.

  0 Leaf 1 Leaf 2 Leaf 3 Leaf 4 Leaf 5 Leaf
Current Inventory 3% 26% 22% 32% 17% 0%
2024 Goals 1% 18% 24% 30% 25% 2%
2030 Goals 0% 0% 10% 30% 40% 20%

Last updated Sep 6, 2023

More Resources

Materials Lifecycle Assessment

Materials Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the method we use to evaluate the environmental impact of materials throughout their entire life cycle, from extraction or creation to disposal.
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We rely on a number of sustainability certifications when sourcing fabrics for our shop. Learn a bit more about what Oeko-Tex and BCI really means!

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Carbon Offset Shipping

To help minimize our shipping footprint, we participate in a system to help offset carbon emissions. For each package we ship, we contribute funds based on distance travelled and weight of package to forest conservation projects.

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