Murano Glass Head Pins

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Our favourite in the studio, these high-quality pins are very sharp and very fine with a real Murano glass head and nickel-plated steel base. We love them because the large head makes them easy to handle, easy to see, and easy to remove. The heads won’t pop off, and won’t melt when ironing. At 30 mm or 1 ¼” long, they’re the ideal length for most sewing applications, and at 0.60mm diameter, are strong and fine enough to handle most fabrics with ease. Made in France by Bohin, one of our favourite notions suppliers, they come in a mix of rainbow, multi-colour, blue or yellow glass heads. 80 pins per package.

Customer Reviews

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Yvette Yaehne

Not sure what you can say. They work very well. As a quilter I have had sharper but these are good

Helen Mitchem
Murano glass head oins

Love them, but didn’t realize they are shorter than expected. I’ll get used to them because they are great! Thanks so much.

Lisa L
Very good pins

I like glass headed pins. They will not melt, unlike most of the plastic
headed ones. They are also nice a sharp. Very happy!

Sandra Jager
Good pins

They are nice pins, though I found them inconsistent in length. Most of both packages were 27 mm long and a few were 34 mm. And since I was measuring, I counted. There were only 72 in one package. I like that they're glass, but would love to be able to get longer pins that are just as fine.

Karen Reiber
Excellent pins

I’ve recently bought a few different boxes of glass head pins. My search for great ones ends with these! Sharp, strong and the right size. Worth the price.