Press To Impress Tailor's Clapper

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A must in any sewing arsenal, a tailor's clapper is truly indispensable for achieving the flattest of flat seams, whether you're making a crisp oxford shirt, professional-looking jeans, hand-pieced quilt, or evening gown. By absorbing the steam from your iron, clappers help keep the heat where it's needed, producing the perfect environment for fabric fibres to relax and cool into a crisp, sharp crease. While we use our clapper pretty much any time we want to finish a seam, it's especially helpful when working with bulky, thick fabrics like wool and denim that may need a little help to flatten out and hold a crease. Made of FSC-certified beech wood with an encouraging reminder to "Press To Impress" burned right on top, these ergonomically-designed clappers will soon become your go-to for squashing seams into submission.
Dimensions at widest point: 9.5"x 2.5"x 1.25" (24cm x 6cm x 3.5cm)

Customer Reviews

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Beth Wilson
Press To Impress Tailor's Clapper

Excellent. Better than I thought it would be for making seams flat

Amy Spring

Love it … Used it on fabric for the Lander pants and it worked great

Olivia Spenser
Good decision

It really makes a difference hemming wool!

Emily D.
Love it!

Perfect size, didn't realize I needed this so bad. It's quickly become an extension of my hand when working at the ironing board.

Tailor Clapper

Received quickly in perfect shape. Have yet to try it...