10oz Stretch Recycled Cotton Denim - Indigo Ink - Swatch

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Made of 21% recycled denims rejuvenated into new, brilliant life, this 10oz stretch denim is a marvel of environmentally conscious engineering. As cotton is one of the most environmentally damaging crops cultivated on a wide scale, figuring out how to reuse it once it's been spun into fabric is a prime opportunity to lessen its ecological impact. This stretch denim takes a stab at solving the problem, and does it with style. With a gently textured, easy-to-wear hand and a moderate crosswise stretch, this denim is easily slotted in to any application where you're looking for structure with a bit of stretch. Stovepipe jeans, jean jackets, skirts, and more would all be lovely places for it to shine. Fully opaque, it does not require a lining.