Luxe Organic Cotton Jersey Knit - Black - Swatch

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Right off the roll, this sumptuous, luxurious interlock knit is soft as a cloud. Interlock is a variation of the rib knit construction which allows the fabric to have a built-in stretch and to drape nicely on the body. Interlock knits are also easy to work with due to the front and back being identical. In a lovely midweight, it's ideal for any kind of knitwear where you want a bit of body. Plus, its generous mechanical stretch makes it work for both loose-fitting and close-cut garments. It's also cozy, comforting, and made from 100% organic cotton, making it breathable and easy on your skin. Transform this lovely interlock knit into T-shirts, light hoodies and sweats, or even a relaxed maxi dress. Fully opaque, it does not require a lining.