13 oz Deadstock Waxed Cotton - Black

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13 oz Deadstock Waxed Cotton - Black - Swatch

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We're pleased as punch to be able to offer this 13oz waxed cotton – a totally waterproof material that doesn't use any plastic to work its magic! Made by treating cotton with a mix of waxes, its Tex Wax finish makes it flexible at cold temperatures and resistant to wax transfer while staying waterproof. Crisp and structured, this cotton is ideal for a wide range of workwear and non-garment uses: lined jackets, bags, rain ponchos, hats, dog beds, etc. If it's hard-wearing and needs to be waterproof, odds are our waxed cotton will work for it! Fully opaque, it does not need to be lined; however, you may want to opt for a lining for comfort's sake.

If you haven't used waxed cotton before, it's important to note that it has a few special care requirements. Waxed cotton tends to develop lines and creases as it ages, which makes for a beautiful patina. You may find your yardage arrives with lines formed where it was folded. You can remove these lines with a steamer or hairdryer. You can also use an iron on the lowest setting with steam and a pressing cloth.

Waxed cotton should never be placed in the washing machine or dryer. Any stains should be spot-cleaned with saddle soap or similar. After sewing this cotton, you may want to wipe down the bed of your machine with a damp cloth; using a Teflon foot may make sewing smoother.

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60in / 152 cm
440 gsm / 13 oz/yd²
100% cotton, Tex Wax finish
Pantone Colour
19-4004 TCX
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Textiles Made From Natural Fibres

In the fashion industry, deadstock refers to fabrics that are either surplus or left over from production, including high-quality designer textiles. By sourcing deadstock fabrics, we are giving them a new lease on life and keeping them out of landfills.

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Long lifespan

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Care Instructions


Never wash your waxed fabric, as this will strip away the coating and eliminate its waterproof qualities. Any stains should be spot-cleaned with saddle soap or similar. Smooth out visible lines with a hairdryer. The warmth will melt the coating just enough to redistribute it across the surface of your fabric. You can iron on a low setting with steam and a press cloth.

Long-Term Care

Waxed cotton should never be placed in the dryer. Any stains can be removed with saddle soap or a similar product.

Fabric Tips

Additionally, your fabric may require re-waxing seasonally, depending on use. If you notice your finished garment losing its water resistant properties, it’s time to get some refinishing wax.

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