45-mm LDH Ambidextrous Rotary Cutter - Midnight Black

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Scissors or rotary cutter? When it comes to cutting slippery fabrics and knits, we're definitely Team Rotary! In fact, this 45-mm rotary cutter will cut through multiple layers of all sorts of fabrics (including leather, fleece, vinyl and denim), making it an essential tool to have in your sewing kit. Featuring a straight handle and a durable blade made of premium carbon steel, you'll slash your cutting time in half with this black beauty. Each cutter comes with one blade and is beautifully packaged in a reusable felt bag, eliminating unnecessary plastic. For left-handed users, the blade can be easily switched by unscrewing the bolt and placing on the other side of the cutter.

LDH is a family-owned, woman-led business that has been passionate about making high-quality scissors and sewing tools for over 30 years. Based in Canada and manufactured in their family’s own factories in China, LDH offers a ten-year warranty on all their products, in addition to a scissor sharpening service for all their products.

Customer Reviews

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Nice cutter, but not as heavy as expected

An option for lefties

I have a few pairs of left-handed fabric shears - some better than others - and when I couldn't find a local place to get them correctly sharpened after years of use, decided to try this rotary cutter (I already had a cutting pad). Really impressed with how sharp they are and how easy to use. For some things they work better than shears or scissors; for example, starting the cut on a wide buttonhole; trimming paper edges on printable pdf patterns. They're great for fabrics that "stay put" better when you're cutting them, like denim or twill, but it's too easy to slip for lighter wovens or knits so I would still use shears for those. The safety guard is easy to put on & off, and the case they come in is a bonus.

Tina L
This is pretty great

I added this to an order on a whim and because it is black. :) I don’t always love rotary cutters for garment cutting but something about these just works well for me. I am left handed but use scissors in my right hand. Rotary cutters are one of those things that I can’t get to feel right in either hand. On this LDH brand, it might be the size or roundness of the handle, not sure, but I feel more stable cutting with these. Definitely my go-to cutter right now!

Melanie Snell
New Rotary Cutter

I’m very happy with my new rotary cutter. I had been brand loyal for years to another but I’ve definitely been converted to LDH