Magnetic Zirkel Pin Cushion

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The first time we encountered the truly magical Zirkel pin cushion, we may have screamed out loud in delight. Throw a pile of pins and needles at your Zirkel, and watch while it catches them all with its incredibly strong magnet, aligning all the sharp points perfectly in the center. You’ll scream too! No more jabbing into old fabric cushions, or stumbling to find the right pin in an old chipped tea cup. Just toss your pins and needles at Zirkel when you’re done, and it will catch them every time. We also like to sweep it across the floor or carpet after we’re done sewing to protect our pets and tender tootsies from any errant pins. Just be mindful to never put your Zirkel ON your sewing machine - magnets and electronics don’t mix!

Customer Reviews

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No more stray pins

Genius invention. Perfect addition to any sewist’s supply list. Love it!

Agnes McLorinan
Best sewing aid ever!

I had no idea such a thing existed until I came across it at Core Fabrics. It grabs all the scattered pins and arrays them decoratively around the perimeter. Sometimes it even grabs my small scissors.... An excellent tool to have. Apparently it is not to be used near any computerized machines because it affects the electronics. so good to know. I am keeping my IPad and the watching of sewing tutorials well away from this very useful gem, just in case. Highly recommend the Zirkel magnetic pin cushion.

Diane Carroll
Love the magnetic pin cushion

This pin cushion is fun. I mainly use it when pinning patterns on fabric. Great to be able to push the pins off the sewing machine onto the pin cushion when sewing a seam. Wanted one for years. Glad I got this one.

Cathy Grant
Best pin cushion

I love this pin cushion! It's great having the pinheads around the edges - so easy to grab. You can have fun while you sew because when you remove your pins from your project, you just toss them at the pin cushion.

Sandra DeAthe
Great pin cushion

So easy to pick up pins, and I can toss a pin at it from a small distance and the pin cushion seems to grab it from the air. Hold it over a loose pile of pins- easy clean up. Fun, too.